FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Play Centre FAQs

Q. Will the Play centre staff supervise my children?
A. No, the Reach Play Centre is parent supervised. We require that the parent stay on site and able to keep visual contact on their child. We provide staff to monitor the play to ensure a safe environment but each parent/caregiver is responsible to supervise and instruct their child on the rules of the structure.

Q. How often is the Play centre cleaned?
A. We are committed to providing a clean and safe structure for your child’s play!
The Play Centre is cleaned thoroughly once a week from top to bottom and is also inspected for wear and tear. The Play Centre is also spot cleaned each day while open and again after all our guests have left for the day.

Q. Are socks a must?
A. Yes, due to health and sanitation reasons, socks must be worn by anyone in the Play Centre.
Socks can be purchased for $2.

Q. Can we bring in outside food or drinks?
A. No, The Reach Café offers a great selection of meals and snacks for everyone in the family. Our guests are welcome to bring food or coffee purchased at the café down to the Play Centre seating area.
Absolutely no food or drinks on the Play Centre.

Q. Do you offer birthday parties?
A. Yes, we sure do! We make birthday parties super fun! Our birthday party package includes full day admission pass, meal with drink and one hour in a party area that accommodates up to 12 children. Private room is available for parties with 8 or more children (can accommodate up to 24). We also have veggie platters, fruit platters and whole pizzas available to pre-book for your guests!
No outside food or drinks please with the exception of birthday cakes/cupcakes.

Q. Can parents stay up at the café while children play?
A. Yes, on Fridays and Saturdays while the cafe is open. We still require the parents of children under 6 to be present at the Play Centre at all times.

Q. Do you sell Play Passes?
A. Sure do! We have gift Play Passes available for preschool and elementary age children.

Q.  What about that gym?
A. We are happy to offer our gymnasium for free play with your children on a drop in basis.
If the Gym is not booked out privately, we welcome guests to play basketball or floor hockey or to let their little ones run!
Ages 14 and under MUST have a parent in the gym with them at all times.
Parents that are working out may not have children playing in the Gym unless supervised by an additional adult.


Birthday Party FAQs

Q.  Can we come early to play?
A. Absolutely! Your Party cost includes an all day pass for each child, so feel free to come before your booked party room time to play!
(Please note we do not have storage room available for all your party supplies if you do plan to come play prior to room time)

Q. Can we decorate our birthday space?
A. Yes, balloons and table decorations only. No confetti please.

Q. Can we bring outside food or drink?
A. No, we cannot allow outside food or drink in our facility other than the birthday cake. Each child booked in your party will receive a meal with drink, any extra snacks like chips or pop can be purchased in our café and brought down to your room. We do also offer a veggie platters, fruit platters and whole pizzas that can be pre-ordered at the time of booking.  Guests are welcome to order snacks or meals and bring them to their party area.

Q. What about cake?
A. Yes, birthday cakes/cupcakes are the exception to our no outside food or drink policy.
Please note: if you are planning to come early to play we cannot be responsible to store your cake while you play.

Q. What about allergies?
A. We will do our best to provide for our guests with allergies! After booking your party please call us to work out a meal option for any child with a severe allergy. The Reach Café does use and sell nuts and nut products.

Q. What if we have extra kids?
A. No problem! If you end up having extra children after you have already booked, just let us know your total number at least 48 hrs ahead of party time and we will adjust your order and take payment upon your arrival. (If surprise children show up at party time parents can order the child a meal at the café which they are welcome to take in and join the party).

Q. How much time do we have in our birthday space?
A. 1 Hour

Q. Can we have the room longer than an hour?
A. Because we do multiple parties in a day we cannot book out a room longer than 1 hour.

Q. When and how do I pay for my birthday party?
A. All birthday parties must be paid in full at the time of booking.

Q. Do you do returns on party packages?
A. Because our café prepares for each party ahead of time, we do not give refunds on party packages. If needed we can reschedule your party time or date.


Please feel free to speak to our Play Centre staff with any concerns.

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